When Amgen announced a permanent work-from-home policy a couple of weeks ago, you could almost hear cheers from thousands of employees. But could you hear the groans from small business operators and anyone who’s concerned about the economic welfare of Ventura County?

No doubt many employees would prefer Amgen’s new policy. One recent survey said 75 percent of adults who have been working from home during the pandemic want to continue doing so, at least some of the time.

But the many small businesses around Amgen – Ventura County’s largest employer – are bummed. They depend on the 5,500 workers going to and from the campus each day. “It’s definitely affected business,” a server at the Sidestreet Café told the Simi Valley Acorn. “At Sidestreet, you get to know people who come in all the time, but now we don’t see them.” 


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