Westlake Village fintech company SRAX Inc. has launched an investor community through its new online platform Sequire.

Sequire unlocks market data and investor insights for publicly traded companies. The Sequire Investor Community is described as “an information hub and interactive environment for a network of investors” in a statement by the company and seeks to connect more than 5 million retail and institutional investors.

Sequire will build on LD Micro, a data and event company that connects investors with small-cap and micro-cap companies that SRAX bought last year.

“We are leveraging the investors and experts from the LD Micro community to enhance relationships and communications with investors,” Christopher Miglino, chief executive of SRAX, said in the statement about Sequire. “In addition to the LD Micro investor events, we’re hosting industry specific conferences, and planning a variety of resources and experiences to benefit this growing community.”

The online community will support live and on-demand informational sessions and shareholder discussions, as well as features for professional networking.

SRAX has hired Morgan-Lea Fogg community development manager for Sequire. She previously worked at Summit Series, an online event-hosting platform and virtual community development company.

"Our goal is that the Sequire Investor Community will become a well-known hub, providing exceptional tools and experiences that will allow people to learn and participate in the everyday activity happening within the stock market," Fogg said in the statement.

The company announced the launch of Sequire on Tuesay. Shares of SRAX (SRAX) closed Thursday down a cent, or a fraction of a percent, to $3.87 on the Nasdaq.