The new year is well underway. There is hope and we have slightly seen the light at the end of the tunnel. With the distribution of vaccines for COVID-19 and with a new administration in the White House, there is a sense that better days are ahead of us. Despite this glimmer of hope, there are realities that will continue to face us and our communities in 2021. Housing is still incredibly expensive. Taxes are ridiculously high. Businesses are permanently closing their doors. And power shutoffs are happening more and more in communities across our state.  
At a time when many are working from home and students are still distance learning, having your power shut off can have an enormous impact on your productivity. But, in this case, the problem isn’t that you are not trying to be productive, the problem is that you simply can’t because you have no power. You can’t go to a restaurant or a bar to get work done because there are restrictions to their operations. Students, especially the younger learners, can’t go to their school library because they’re closed. These are people’s livelihoods.  ...

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