Woodbury University has qualified for inclusion in Colleges of Distinction, a guide for college-bound students and parents, for the seventh consecutive year.

According to the nonprofit Burbank school, the selection process included research and interviews about each institution’s freshman experience and retention efforts alongside its general education programs, career development, strategic plan and student satisfaction.

“Woodbury’s inclusion is informed by the unique ways it commits to achieving success,” Wes Creel, founder of Colleges of Distinction, said in a statement. “It’s inspiring to see the university’s commitment to the learning styles and community involvement that will best allow their students to succeed in and beyond their college years.”

Woodbury received three additional designations from Colleges of Distinction based on accreditation, breadth of program and a track record for success. They are: Business School College of Distinction, Career Development College of Distinction and California College of Distinction.

“Globalization and the intricacies of modern business operations require effective communication and apt problem-solving strategies,” Colleges of Distinction said in a statement about the business school recognition. “Woodbury’s programs in its School of Business keep their future leaders adaptable as they grow alongside their industry.”