After nearly 40 years studying and developing public policy through roles in city and regional public service, former NFL player turned Valley real estate agent Mel Wilson has announced his candidacy for Los Angeles mayor.

“I’m not fighting for me – I’m 68 years old, I don’t need this to make my career,” he said in an exclusive interview with the Business Journal announcing his candidacy. “I’m not trying to be governor, I’m not trying to be president.” 

Wilson’s campaign officially launched July 1 with a business-friendly agenda. Specifically, he has a three-prong mission to address housing affordability and the homelessness crisis, spur business recovery after COVID-19 and spread prosperity and fairness across Los Angeles. Having lived for more than 40 years in the Valley area, Wilson said he hopes to promote equity among all the residents of the mayor’s jurisdiction, not just focus his campaign on the downtown neighborhood. 


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