Ben Salem is a real estate agent, not a doctor. But that didn’t stop him from developing a sticker that deflects radiation from wireless earbuds away from the brain.
He started his company WaveBlock in Woodland Hills to sell the product, which is available through its website for $30. The WaveBlock stickers went on sale in December.
The price reflects all the engineering and lab testing that went into developing the stickers.
“Just figuring out the right adhesive to use probably took about six months of testing different glues,” Salem said. “Figuring out what kind of metals to blend together for deflecting also took a year to figure out.”
While the development of the WaveBlock stickers may have been complicated, how they work is actually simple. The stickers wrap around the stem of the earbuds and reflect the electromagnetic field (EMF) waves away from the wearer’s head.
“That is all I am doing. It’s very simple,” Salem said. “Before that (the earbuds) were shooting the radiation right between your skull.”

Testing done by the San Diego lab of German company TÜV SÜD Aktiengesellschaft showed that the stickers deflect about 95 percent of the radiation generated by the earbuds. Currently the company is involved in other research about the technology’s efficacy.

WaveBlock has an international patent pending on the design and the use of the stickers.


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