Saalex Solutions supported the first fully operational mission for Space X and its Crew Dragon spacecraft that docked this month at the International Space Station.

The federal services division of Saalex Corp. in Camarillo made available its Expendable Launch Vehicle Integrated Support 3 (ELVIS 3) team to provide engineering, programmatic and technical support for the mission.

The launch on Nov. 15 marked the first time the Dragon spacecraft named Resilience carried four astronauts to the space station, where it docked the following day. A previous test launch in May carried two astronauts to the station.

Saalex Chief Executive Travis Mack thanked the ELVIS 3 team and said they are showing what the company can achieve.

“Commercial space flight will continue to play an intrinsic role in the future of the space program, and I’m proud that Saalex has been there at the beginning to help open the door to this new frontier,” Mack said in a statement.

The ELVIS 3 team also supported the earlier Dragon launch in May as well as the launch in late July of the Perseverance rover scheduled to land on Mars in February.