Following a water main break on Saturday, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Woodland Hills has canceled surgeries and doctors’ appointments through Thursday.

The break happened after a planned water line shutdown, according to a statement from the hospital.

Management for the facility at 5601 DeSoto Ave. estimates that water service will resume at the end of the day on Thursday. Patients are staying put for now and the emergency room, urgent care and hospital remain open.

“Standard backup procedures that were put in place for the planned outage have continued to be implemented to support the extended water outage,” the hospital said in a statement. “Our Woodland Hills Medical Center is operating temporarily without running water, and therefore is employing emergency water supply measures to ensure safe water is available in all areas.”

Kaiser staff has port-a-potties, emergency water supplies and pre-packaged meals for patients in place of regular services, according to a report from the LA Daily News.