BioSolar Inc. has announced that its tech partners have begun production and testing of lithium-ion cells for power tool applications, as well as consumer electronics and electric vehicles.

The Santa Clarita company, a developer of energy storage technology and materials, said the 21700 cell format increases “battery density,” which positively impacts overall power.

While not BioSolar customers, Nikola, an automotive manufacturer based out of Phoenix, and Milwaukee Tool, a power home technology business headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin, will use the 21700 cell format in a new line of electric trucks and cordless tool battery packs, respectively.

“We anticipate our performance boosting technology will show enough progress in these prototypes to transition BioSolar from a technology development company into one with commercially viable technologies suitable for use in a number of high-growth industries,” said Dr. David Lee, chief executive of BioSolar.

Shares of BioSolar (BSRC) closed Tuesday up a fraction of a cent to 2 cents on the over-the-counter market.