Cynvenio Biosystems Inc. will collaborate with the University of Southern Denmark to conduct clinical cancer trials using Cynvenio’s Triple Play LiquidBiopsy platform, a system that identifies tumor cells in the blood and helps physicians diagnose and treat cancer without invasive surgery.

The Westlake Village biotech will work with Vejle Hospital to conduct trials on DNA sequencing as well as analyses of circulating tumor cells. Furthermore, patients will be checked for treatment response and risk of recurrence post-surgery.

“Unlike other existing liquid biopsy technologies, Cynvenio’s Triple Play approach enables the isolation of cell-free DNA, circulating tumor cells and white blood cells all in one sequencing run,” Dr. Paul Y. Song, chief medical officer for Cynvenio, said in a statement. “This can then be collectively interrogated to provide clinicians with a better overall understanding of metastatic tumor biology from which more precise therapy can be delivered.”

The studies will be held at the Department of Oncology at Vejle Hospital under the direction of Professor Anders Jakobsen and Dr. Torben Frostrup Hansen.