Following the success of its award-winning blog, “50 Essential Experiences,” Princess Cruises of Santa Clarita launched a new blog today called “Inspired to Cruise: A Year of Reasons to Get Away From the Everyday.”

Over a 12-month period, the blog will tell the stories of 52 passengers and what inspired them to take a cruise vacation.

The posts will chronicle stories from a diverse group of contributors – from long-time cruisers to those who set sail for the first time. Readers will find that some events go as planned, while others do not, and that many cruisers have found that surprises make the best stories of all.

“Our passengers regularly share deeply personal stories with us about why they’ve cruised, and we wanted to share some of the most remarkable ones,” Jan Swartz, Princess Cruises executive vice president said in a statement.

The blog has also proved to be an important new marketing medium for Princess. The company found its first stab at blogging highly successful; it received numerous awards, including one from Travel Weekly. Princess gets about 1.3 million cruisers per year, and the stories told in these blogs are expected to promote the cruising idea to potential new customers, according to the company.

While its last blog focused on the experiences of employees, the new blog will focus on passengers’ stories.

The first blog, posted today, is from Nancy Chamberlain-Fox of Trabuco Canyon, California who tells the story of cruising to celebrate the second time she and her husband were married…..after a span of not being together for 27 years. The love story takes an unexpected turn when they discover that their multi-generational dinner table mates each share the same anniversary date.

Judy Temes