McCabe Consultants, a human resources consulting firm, is joining forces with RGEB Employee Benefits as part of a strategic alliance, the two firms announced.

The companies will continue to operate independently, but will formalize a longstanding referral relationship they have had with each other. Under the agreement, RGEB will refer HR consulting work to McCabe and receive a small fee, while McCabe will be able to refer companies looking for health insurance benefits to RGEB, and also receive a small fee.

“We’ve known each other a long time and we’re really excited about joining our resources and enhancing services,” said Victoria McCabe, owner of West Hills based McCabe.

“We’ve been talking for a year and decided this was the best way to move forward,” added Barry S. Cohn, president and CEO of RGEB, a Woodland Hills based health insurance agency. “Because we’re the largest health benefits firm in the Valley and she is one of the only three HR consulting firms in the area, we can grow by combining forces.”

-Judy Temes