As we await the new legislative session with an abundance of newly elected first-time legislators one cannot help but wonder if any of the new crop will dare to step away from the pack and forge new legislation that will protect businesses instead of continuing the anti-business legislation that has plagued past legislatures and made it so difficult to keep businesses in and attract new businesses to California.

Will the attempts to increase costs on California businesses by adding onerous regulations and creating new grounds for litigation continue to permeate proposed legislation? Or, will there be serious consideration given to assisting businesses as a means to protect and improve jobs? Will labor unions, who exert tremendous influence on proposed legislation, get the message that reducing onerous regulations on business saves jobs and that today's global economy provides a means for employers facing significant increases in labor related costs to eliminate jobs in favor of outsourcing to other states and countries? Or, will unions, jaded by the greed of a corrupt minority of employers ignore the fact that most business owners, if they could earn a reasonable profit, would prefer to use local labor (to maintain better control over their products) and not outsource to inconvenient locations with a potential of lost quality?

Last year many bills were introduced into the legislature that would have resulted in tremendous additional costs to businesses and potentially had a significant negative affect on California's economy had it not been for the prudent actions of Gov...

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