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Charles weighs in each week with his opinion - his "Comment" - about local business. While he pats the heads of those who make prescient or brave decisions, he's not afraid to kick the shins of businesses that make dunderheaded moves or governments that interfere with free markets. It can be newsy, it can be opinionated, or it can be funny, but the Comment column is always about business in Los Angeles County.

Charles Crumpley has been a reporter, writer or editor for 30 years, mostly with daily newspapers. He was born and raised in Kansas City, MO, and worked for years for the Kansas City Star, mainly as a senior financial writer. He was the editor of the business news section for two daily newspapers, including the New Orleans Times-Picayune. He has won four national journalism awards and studied Japanese banking and business practices in Tokyo as a senior Fulbright scholar. He has been editor of the Los Angeles Business Journal since January 2006.

He can be reached at (323) 549-5225, ext. 208, or by email:

Recent Stories

The New Assault on Part-Time Jobs

Newly proposed AB 5 is no friend to businesses dependent on part-time workers.

Nestle’s Move Hard to Swallow

Nestle’s relocation could say a lot about the state; California needs to spend more on infrastructure.

A Prescription for Prosperity?

Amgen’s surging stock price.

Don’t Unplug That Self-Checker!

Supermarkets should reconsider scrapping self-checkouts.

The Scourge of Compact Parking

More compact parking spaces equals fewer cars.

Cherokee’s Pattern of Self-Renewal

Cherokee’s strategy; public pensions bury Californians.

Where’s Giant Leap for MannKind?

MannKind Corp.’s sales effort fails to deliver, so far; California’s secession threats show divisions between right and left.

Not Getting High on This Vote

Possible costs of legalizing marijuana; lower-cost neighborhoods should attract businesses from L.A.’s costliest areas.

Interim CEO Named for New Horizons

Directors of New Horizons on Wednesday announced the appointment of Roschell Ashley as its interim chief executive officer effective Jan. 1.

Business-Friendly Voter Choices

Charlie Crumpley’s take on ballot measures and candidates.

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