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Media Well Done Valencia

Money Meets Tech

Long considered a personal touch business, financial management firms discover that information technology has become vital to sustainable growth.

Not by Design

Special Report : Health Care

Former graphic artist Paula Wilson took roundabout path to become chief executive at Valley Community Healthcare in North Hollywood.

Putting Out Fires

Special Report : Health Care

During her first year, Chief Executive Precious Mayes avoided 11 near-closures at Pacifica Hospital of the Valley.

Hospitals Get Bigger

Special Report : Health Care

Health care systems in the Valley need to expand their footprint as they plan more medical specialties and patient amenities.

Hunt for Industrial Moves North by Northwest

Real Estate Quarterly

Colliers International’s first-quarter data suggest the Tri-Cities office market is holding steady as tenants seeking industrial real estate move north and west where more product, land and labor is available.

Warner Bros. Seeks ‘Old Hollywood Splendor’

Real Estate Quarterly

Warner Bros. Entertainment will celebrate its major anniversary by reconfiguring the map of filmed entertainment capital Burbank.

T-Cell Therapies

Special Report: Biotech

Amgen’s Blincyto opens a new front in the battle against cancer. While the drug isn’t one of the company’s bestsellers, the technology holds potential for future breakthroughs.

Modeling Biology

Special Report: Biotech

John DiBella sells software that conducts computer simulations of a drug’s reactions inside the body.

Alternate Futures

Special Report: Entertainment

Despite costly headsets and motion sickness, Valley companies involved in virtual reality see a market opportunity ahead for enhanced entertainment.

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Chair Man of Virtual Reality’s Hardware Shop

Special Report: Entertainment

Jeffrey Travis, of virtual reality hardware firm Positron.

Niches of the Number Crunchers

Special Report: Accounting

Accountants see change in their industry.