Clean Team Launches in Van Nuys

Aeroplex/Aerolease sees demand for disinfecting.

Aeroplex/Aerolease Group is making available disinfecting services for aviation companies at Van Nuys Airport and elsewhere to help protect employees and guests on the ground during the coronavirus outbreak.

Aerojet to Produce Moon-Bound Rockets

$1.8 billion contract ensures work at Chatsworth plant.

At the Chatsworth campus of Aerojet Rocketdyne, preparations are in place to make additional rocket engines for use on NASA’s Space Launch System that will take humans back to the moon and potentially to Mars.

Sabrewing’s Half-Sized Drone Test

Company showcases cargo craft for Air Force brass.

Sabrewing Aircraft Co. Inc. rolled out a half-sized unmanned cargo aircraft the Rhaegal-A on May 1 as part of the kick-off of the U.S. Air Force’s Agility Prime program.

Recall, Retention Ordinances for Hotel Personnel

Hospitality workers let go in crisis qualify under rules.

The Los Angeles City Council on April 29 adopted emergency right to recall and right of retention ordinances for businesses in the hospitality industry, as well as property management service businesses and airports.

Federal Small Business Loan Fund Replenished

Valley firms get second chance at capital infusion.

President Donald Trump on April 24 signed the Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act, providing an additional $484 billion as of April 27 to the CARES Act’s payment protection program, when the initial $349 billion was tapped out in less than a month.

Office Park’s Medical Future

DEVELOPMENT: Conejo campus comes ‘into the 21st century.’

TriStar Realty Group has plans to create a medical campus in Thousand Oaks.

Call Centers Move to Home

TECHNOLOGY: Software facilitates telemarketing in quarantine.

Woodland Hills company’s programs facilitate telemarketing in the time of quarantine.


Blockchain Brain Trust

Blockchain investment firm Draper Goren Holm welcomes new partner.

Product Flip to Fashionable Masks

Entrepreneur finds eager market for another company’s leftover fabric.

Home-based business The Julie Group is making masks for the public to wear during pandemic.

Lancaster Starts Viral Task Force

Innovations include prototype oxygen machine, protective gear.

Lancaster starts viral task force to create prototype oxygen machine, protective gear for COVID-19 patients.

Loan Bonanza

FINANCE: SBA bankers distribute billions through an emergency federal funding program.

Institutions hustle to handle surge of small business loans stemming from federal stimulus program.

Investors Ponder Disney’s Exposure to Pandemic

MEDIA: Questions of when theme parks, theaters will return to ‘normal.’

Walt Disney Co.’s parks face pandemic challenge as Robert Iger asserts control.

In the Blink of an Eye, Second Sight Closes Shop

MEDICAL DEVICES: Al Mann company developed prosthetics for blindness.

Second Sight Medical Products Inc. cites coronavirus as reason behind its closure.

Turn to Takeout

RESTAURANTS: The pandemic has thrown Cheesecake Factory’s marketing strategy ‘out the window,’ according to one consultant.

Cheesecake Factory Inc. braces for change as coronavirus pandemic forces closure of dining rooms.

Telemedicine Obstacles Overcome for COVID-19

State, federal barriers are lifted to bring patients and providers together.

State, federal barriers are lifted to bring patients and providers together.

HBO Max Marches to Launch Pad

Streaming service to debut with new shows and library.

WarnerMedia announced on April 21 that its new streaming service HBO Max would be available starting next month.

Below-the-Liners Eager To Get Back to Work

Valley prop houses strategize on future production.

How below-the-line entertainment businesses are faring during the coronavirus outbreak.

Shopping Mall Cleaning Crews Up Their Game

Retail centers request electrostatic spraying.

Shopping centers turn to electrostatic spraying to clean their properties.

‘Ghost Kitchens’ Find New Life During Pandemic

Eateries without dining rooms face challenges.

With dining rooms shuttered for the foreseeable future, the Valley’s restaurant industry has been hammered by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Health Workers Provide Lifeline for Valley Hotels

LIST: Hospitality sector looks for ways to help until restrictions can ease.

Hoteliers stay in business by opening doors to health care workers.

‘Pestilence’ Throughout Our History

I was privileged to be a teenager in the 1950s. It was a period of profound change not unlike our current COVID-19 journey through uncharted economic and social waters. In taking a moment to chronicle world history as an optimist, I remind students, faculty and staff at Woodbury University, where I serve as president, that humanity has been through some horrible times and we shall put the novel coronavirus epidemic behind us as well

Cut the Red Tape. Let’s Build Now

To say we are living in unprecedented times would be an understatement. I can’t tell you how many Zoom calls I’ve been on in the last month. I’m sure many of you can relate.


News and notes from the greater San Fernando Valley

Space for E-commerce

With the coronavirus crisis encouraging online shopping, companies from Amazon.com to local businesses are in the market for warehouses.

With Amazon.com Inc. leading the way, online retailers are taking up warehouse space in the greater Valley region.

Virtual Leasing

MARKETING: COVID-19 deepens brokers’ utilization of video technology.

Coronavirus pandemic spurs the popularity of using technology to visit rental spaces virtually.