InVia Robotics has been selected by e-commerce services provider Kantsu to provide autonomous mobile robots for its primary distribution center in Osaka, Japan.

The deal marks the first deployment into Asia by the Westlake Village company of its Picker robots.

Chief Executive Lior Elazary said that Kantsu’s upgrade to mobile automation will allow them to provide superior service to its customers.

“We are excited to bring the precision and speed of inVia’s robots to Japan and Asia,” Elazary said in a statement. “This region has set the bar high on robotics innovation, and our technology is a great market fit.”

The Asia Pacific e-commerce market is forecast to reach $3 trillion in sales by 2021, creating increased urgency to bring greater efficiency to the order fulfillment process to keep pace with demand.

Kantsu is a leading provider of logistics and warehousing services to e-commerce companies in Japan. The demand for its services has led to a growth of more than 161,000 square feet of capacity and 100 employees per year.

Kantsu Chief Executive Hisahiro Tatsushiro said that “inVia Robotics’ technology allows it to offer superior logistics services to its customers.

“Our customers are being pressured to provide more products and faster service to their consumers, and inVia’s robots ensure that we are always delivering the right products quickly,” Tatsushiro said in a statement.