Auterion Government Services Inc. has partnered with a German company to provide software for two of its drones.

Auterion, in Moorpark, is integrating its software into the Vector and Scorpion drones made by Quantum-Systems GmbH, in Munich, which enables them to become extensible, tailorable and interoperable for customers in the U.S. defense and security markets.

Auterion Chief Executive David Sharpin said the company was excited to work with Quantum-Systems to bring new, integrated and portable unmanned aircraft to market.

“We feel (this) will transform the way our customers collect, process and disseminate ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) and situation awareness information, in all environments,” Sharpin said in a statement.

The Vector and Scorpion form a 2-in-1 kit. The Scorpion is a tri-copter that can be used in urban environments. By attaching fixed wings and a tail section, Scorpion transforms into the vertical takeoff and landing aircraft Vector, used for longer range, longer endurance intelligence and surveillance gathering missions.

Auterion Government Services is owned by Auterion, a Zurich, Switzerland open source software company for drone manufacturers, operators and pilots.