Semtech Corp. is providing its long-range, low-power technology to Alibaba Cloud, a leading cloud services provider in China for use in an internet-of-things-enabled location tracker.

The Camarillo semiconductor developer’s technology, also known as LoRa, powers the Beagle tracker for a range of applications, including personnel and asset management, small device loss, theft prevention and enhanced pet and child monitoring.

Marc Pegulu, vice president of internet-of-things for Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group, said the Beagle tracker, integrated with the company’s LoRa technology, offers customers a flexible, easy-to-use product for geolocation tracking.

“The tracker deploys in less than a minute and delivers real-time and reliable geolocation data, allowing customers simplified access to their assets’ locations in real time,” Pegulu said in a statement. “Enhanced coverage helps combat asset loss and theft, saving customers money.”

Alibaba Cloud was formed in 2009 and is the data intelligence subsidiary of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., the large Chinese e-commerce, retail, internet and technology company.

Shares in Semtech (SMTC) closed down 14 cents, or a fraction of one percent, to $48.58 on the Nasdaq.