Semtech Corp. has joined as a sponsor of the Future Networks Innovation Lab in London that will promote the use of the Internet of Things.

The Camarillo semiconductor manufacturer was among a group of companies, including IBM Corp., Siemens AG and BT Group plc, sponsoring the lab at Digital Catapult, an innovation center in London.

The lab opened on Jan. 30 and included a demonstration by Semtech of its long-range wireless technology and devices in a smart building by showing how its sensors can collect data to monitor desk occupancy, light levels, noise, air quality and energy usage.

Vivek Mohan, director of Internet of Things in Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group, said showcasing Internet of Things products to developers and early corporate adopters allows the innovation lab to give companies hands-on access to Semtech’s long-range (LoRa) technology and Internet of Things expertise.

“This cooperative will foster innovation, reduce the time to market for LoRa-based solutions and grow the LoRa wide-area networks-based ecosystem in the United Kingdom,” Mohan said in a statement.

The Internet of Things refers to systems in which machines rather than people interact and exchange data online.

Shares in Semtech closed on Thursday up 32 cents, or less than a percent, to $54.70 on the Nasdaq.