United Language Group Inc. is closing its call center in Burbank, resulting in the loss of more than 70 jobs.

United Language, in Minneapolis, notified the California Employment Development Department of the layoffs with a worker adjustment and retraining notification on Sept. 14. The layoffs will begin in November and be completed by the end of March.

“This closure is expected to be permanent and will affect all employees at the company’s offices located at 7590 North Glenoaks Boulevard except a limited number of employees who are being offered transfers to the company’s new location in San Antonio, Texas and a limited number of employees who will stay on as employees in California,” the notification said.

In all, 17 workers may transfer to Texas with titles such as call center supervisors and team leads, liaison, liaison supervisors, liaison team managers and an IT support engineer.

“We are not certain how many of those offered transfers (employees) will accept,” the notification said.

United Language is a translation, localization and interpretation provider for businesses in seven countries on three continents.