FloQast Inc. has named Amit Nayar as its new vice president of engineering.

In that role, Nayaar will oversee the hiring and training of the engineering team of the Van Nuys accounting software developer as well as implementing strategic product directions with Cullen Zandstra, the chief technology officer.

Prior to joining FloQast, Nayar was vice president and head of technology at ConsumerTrack, a digital advertising firm in El Segundo; vice president of engineering at web hosting company GoDaddy; director of cloud architecture at American Apparel; and director of software engineering at Quark Software, in Denver.

Chief Executive Mike Whitmire said that for the company to continue its quick pace of innovation requires continued investment in greater expertise.

“Amit brings his extensive background and skills to the new vice president of engineering role, including a deep understanding of team management, to help our accomplished engineering team achieve these ends,” Whitmire said in a statement.