Waste Management of Antelope Valley and Agromin are partnering to fix the turf at Lancaster’s Gilly National Soccer Center.

Agromin, in Oxnard, will spread its turf rescue product, organic material collected from providers such as Waste Management, on the soccer fields to reduce water usage, increase the ability to absorb water, deepen the root structure and decrease water runoff.

Rick Wilson, Agromin's chief technology officer, said the turf rescue project will make the soil much more porous.

“Once applied, water will reach deep into the soil instead of remaining on the surface where it would eventually evaporate,” Wilson said in a statement. “Once the soil begins to adsorb water, salts can then be leached out, further enhancing the porosity.”

Lancaster Mayor Rex Parris called the effort a continuation of the city’s commitment to build a sustainable community.

"The Soccer Center fields require over 1 million gallons of water per acre per year from an onsite well in order to stay healthy and green,” Parris said in a statement. “We are excited to partner with Agromin and the local Waste Management team in this joint effort to make Lancaster a more sustainable place to live, work and play.”