Patrick Nygren, the former regional president in the San Fernando Valley for Wells Fargo Bank, has left the company.

Nygren has taken a position at another company, Josefina Talavera, a spokeswoman for the bank, told the Business Journal. A replacement for Nygren will be announced soon, she added.

Nygren became the regional president for the Valley last year. He replaced Marla Clemow, who was fired from Wells Fargo in the aftermath of a scandal involving bank employees opening checking, savings and other accounts that customers did not want or authorize.

In an interview with the Business Journal in May, Nygren said the bank was in the position of rebuilding trust following the scandal.

“We know that focusing on those activities such as being at community events, having quality conversations with our stakeholders, participating on boards is as important today as it’s ever been. That’s not going to change,” Nygren said in the interview.