Kaiser Permanente Inc. physicians will continue treating patients at the Antelope Valley Hospital for at least another decade. The health care system and the 420-bed hospital in Lancaster announced Monday that they have extended their long-term partnership for 10 more years.

“We are pleased that (Kaiser) agreed that Antelope Valley Hospital can meet the hospital services needs of their members ... by building on the relationship we’ve forged together rather than building a new hospital,” Michael Wall, chief executive of the Antelope Valley Hospital, said in a statement.

The deal allows local residents who have Kaiser health insurance to receive treatment at the Antelope Valley Hospital under their insurance plans. Antelope Valley Hospital includes a trauma center as well as facilities for mental health services, surgery and cancer treatment. Its health care providers see about 213,000 patients annually, according to the hospital.

Kaiser has six care facilities in the Antelope Valley, including its contract with the Antelope Valley Hospital. Between them, it treats approximately 128,000 patients every year.