California Recycling Inc. has signed a multi-year contract to provide data shredding and destruction and recycling for the city of Torrance.

This is the second contract between the Northridge company, a subsidiary of Crednology Holding Co., and Torrance. The contract runs through Jan. 30, 2020. California Recycling already provides e-waste collection for the city.

Crednology Chief Executive Orie Rechtman said this contract would be followed by others that are still in negotiation.

“It proves that our service and professionalism is enabling us to grow the revenues and (earnings) of the company,” Rechtman said in a prepared statement.

In addition to the California Recyling subsidiary, Crednology also owns 4Service, a cloud computing hosting company, and ITatOnce, which deploys and manages on-premises cloud computing environments. It trades on the over-the-counter market.