MannKind Corp. on Wednesday announced it will be sponsoring the production of a documentary television series directed at educating viewers about the effects of poorly managed diabetes.

The Valencia biotech partnered with Tampa, Fla.-based Bella & Elle Media for the project called “Reversed,” which will air on Discovery Life Channel sometime this summer.

The television series was created by Charles Mattocks, a diabetes advocate, celebrity chef, author, producer and the nephew of reggae singer Bob Marley, who will also host the show.

“Reversed” will document the lives of individuals with diabetes and their efforts to change their eating and exercise habits as well as their thinking regarding the disease. It will feature various experts on the topic – like endocrinologists, nutritionists and celebrities with diabetes – to aid with the individuals’ efforts.

“MannKind is continually seeking platforms to increase awareness around the challenges, opportunities and success people living with diabetes encounter on a daily basis,” MannKind Chief Commercial Officer Michael Castagna, said in a statement.

Recently, the company has made several comments about utilizing advertising on television and social media for Afrezza inhalable insulin, the company’s only commercial product.

MannKind (MNKD) shares closed down 3 cents, or less than 2 percent, to $1.94 on the Nasdaq.