Galpin Motors has become the exclusive dealer of Kia cars and sport utility vehicles in the San Fernando Valley.

The North Hills automotive group officially opened Galpin Kia in October but made the announcement on Thursday.

Galpin Kia is operating out of a 10,000-square foot temporary dealership on Sepulveda Boulevard near the main Galpin campus on Roscoe Boulevard while a permanent showroom is constructed.

In May, the dealer was No. 8 in the United States for the Korean carmaker.

Galpin President Beau Boeckmann said the auto group was excited about opening Galpin Kia.

“The automaker has been incredibly successful at building a line of stylish, quality cars that are still attainable for consumers,” Boeckmann said in a prepared statement.

Galpin Motors now operates 12 franchises in the greater Valley region, including its flagship Galpin Ford, the largest seller of Fords by volume in the world.