Cynvenio Biosystems Inc. in Westlake Village has released its second-generation ClearID Breast Cancer blood test, the company announced Monday.

ClearID utilizes a sequencing panel of 27 genes known to be altered in breast cancer to identify genetic mutations for treatment.

The new test identifies cells that have shed from the cancerous tumor and are circulating in the body as well as genetic mutations with drug resistance. It has also been improved to monitor breast cancer patients during different stages of treatment.

The ClearID test is based on Cynvenio’s LiquidBiopsy platform, which analyzes a combination of DNA in the bloodstream to understand tumor progression.

“ClearID provides precise insights into disease progression on a molecular level, enabling physicians to closely monitor changes in tumor status and providing patients with peace of mind,” Dr. Paul Song, Cynvenio’s chief medical officer, said in a statement. “The ClearID Breast Cancer Test provides clinicians with real-time, actionable information that will transform cancer care from diagnosis and monitoring to choosing targeted therapies and finding the clinical trials most appropriate for each patient.”