Galpin Motors announced Thursday that the sports car VLF Rocket V8, formerly known as the Galpin Rocket, is in production at a Michigan speed shop.

The North Hills auto dealer formerly sold a customized Ford Mustang called the Galpin Rocket. The new version will be produced by VLF Automotive in Auburn Hills, Mich., a company co-founded by former Chrysler and General Motors executive Bob Lutz.

The VLF Rocket V8 will make an appearance at the Detroit Auto Show, Jan. 8-22.

“We look forward to a great relationship with VLF and to seeing these beautiful cars on the road soon,” Beau Boeckmann, president of Galpin Motors, said in a statement.

The VLF Rocket can be purchased through Galpin Motors. The car features a carbon-fiber body with a front splitter and rear spoiler. The 725-horsepower supercharged V8 engine turns 21-inch Pirelli extreme performance tires. The car is available in coupe and convertible versions.

Galpin Motors is home to the world’s largest volume Ford dealership.