A little more than two months ago, a New York Times report on Weinstein Co. founder Harvey Weinstein revealed that the entertainment mogul had, for three decades, paid off women who had accused him of sexual misconduct. In the time since, one woman after another has come forward to share her experience of sexual abuse by an employer, toppling the careers of men in Hollywood and other industries.

No powerhouse is immune to the trend – even Burbank-based Walt Disney Co. came under scrutiny in mid-November following allegations that Pixar Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter had a reputation within the firm for hugging, kissing and inappropriately touching employees. Lasseter has announced that he would take a six-month leave of absence.

“Everybody’s paranoid right now,” said Joe Molina, founder of JMPR Public Relations in Woodland Hills. “The thing that’s scaring a lot of people now are the allegations that are going back decades. No one said anything back then – but now it’s an issue.”

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