Other projects for the San Fernando Valley include bus rapid transit or rail along Van Nuys Boulevard; completing the bike path along the Los Angeles River; and the city of San Fernando Bike Master Plan.

Planned infrastructure enhancements will also allow for Metrolink to provide more service into the San Fernando Valley, which will further add to commuters’ mobility options as our region continues to grow.

To be fair, Measure M provides locally critical infrastructure benefits in each of the county’s nine sub-regions. From improving bus rapid transit, light rail, express lanes, ridesharing and bike lanes, commuters are offered a choice of multimodal transit options that are critical to improving and expanding mobility.

In a few weeks, voters will have the opportunity to cast their ballot for a smart, sensible and regionally beneficial investment plan that will provide the San Fernando Valley with many important transit improvements designed to drastically improve the way we move around the Valley and beyond.

If Measure M passes, we can build a cohesive network of transportation across all 88 cities and incorporated areas within Los Angeles County and be able to get from point A to point B, with reduced traffic and less stress, while benefiting the environment.

As transportation planners, we know that sustainable funding for infrastructure improvements requires investments now to ensure a less congested future for all of us. A “yes” vote on Measure M moves us all forward faster.

James de la Loza is senior vice president, national transportation group director for HNTB Corp., an architecture, engineering and construction firm. He also is a former chief planning officer for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.