Cynvenio Biosystems Inc. launched a clinical trial Thursday that utilizes the company’s non-invasive liquid biopsy platform to monitor and detect early signs of metastasis in women diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.

The new nationwide study will use the Westlake Village biotech’s ClearID genomic test, which combines Cynvenio’s LiquidBiopsy technology with ATGen Global’s NK Vue blood test to detect tumor cells in the blood.

Cynvenio announced the study’s launch on Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day.

Every year, approximately 1 million cases of breast cancer are diagnosed and around 17 percent of those patients will have triple negative breast cancer. Doctors normally detect breast cancer by testing three different receptors, yet TNBC will test negative for all three. This cancer has the highest recurrence rate and lowest survival rate compared with other breast cancer types.

“Currently, there is no effective way to monitor women who have completed standard therapy for TNBC and who remain at high risk of recurrence and metastases,” Paul Y. Song, Cynvenio’s chief medical officer, said in a statement. “Our LiquidBiopsy-based solution, which uses a simple blood draw and includes monitoring a woman’s immune system for signs of cancer recurrence, may help find cancerous cells well before they embed themselves into organs or bone.”