Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer is seeking a court order to put marijuana delivery provider SpeedWeed out of business.

Feuer is alleging SpeedWeed, in Woodland Hills, violates Proposition D, the 2013 voter-approved ballot initiative that limited the number of medical marijuana clinics that can operate and provided no immunity from enforcement for delivery services.

Feuer said that services like SpeedWeed circumvent the will of the voters who passed Prop D.

“My office will continue to ensure that only qualified patients, and primary caregivers, can transport medical marijuana,” Feuer said in a prepared statement.

SpeedWeed is a co-op founded in 2011 that provides medical marijuana delivery in Los Angeles and Orange counties. Last year the company formed a partnership with HelloMD, an online telehealth company for the cannabis industry based in San Francisco, to connect potential customers with doctors to receive a cannabis card to buy medical marijuana.

The lawsuit filed by Feuer seeks to shut down the home deliveries and locations in the city used to cultivate, process, store and distribute marijuana. The suit also seeks civil penalties of up to $5,000 for each day of violation.

In a Business Journal story from April 2015, the company acknowledged that closure was a possibility as long as Prop D remained in effect.

“We are not troublemakers,” Chief Executive A.J. Gentile said in the Business Journal interview. “We would love the city to view us as an ally and a resource on how to regulate this industry.”