California Lutheran University on Monday announced that its Center for Entrepreneurship in Westlake Village is launching its startup incubator program next week.

The Hub101 Incubator Program is a three-month-long curriculum that includes one-on-one mentorships, workshops, speaking engagements and investor meetings. At the end of the series, startups will have the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to various investors from Southern California.

In February, the Center for Entrepreneurship hosted Conejo Valley Startup Week, which was organized by Daniel Ball and Greg Monterrosa, the same duo that will be running the incubator program.

“The center offers a place to work that is quieter than Starbucks and provides a sense of community that you don’t get working from home,” said Monterrosa in a statement.

Hub101 will begin April 11 and will promote collaboration among entrepreneurs, Cal Lu and the community and will offer high-tech working spaces featuring private offices, classrooms, conference rooms and event space. Memberships start at $49 a month.