California rebounded as a filming location for live action and animated feature films released last year, a report Thursday from FilmL.A. shows.

The state hosted 22 of the 106 features made by the six major Hollywood studios and five main independent studios, an improvement from the 15 films made here in 2013. That year Louisiana led as the location with the most feature film production at 18.

In California, 18 of the 22 films were live action features, including “American Sniper” and “Gone Girl” and four were animated, including “How to Train Your Dragon 2” and “Big Hero 6.”

FilmL.A. President Paul Audley said that with eight of the live action films benefitting from the state’s production tax incentive program, the value of that program has been demonstrated again.

“With the program set to more than triple in value this summer, we look forward to seeing more bigger-budget projects return,” Audley said in a prepared statement.

The study by FilmL.A., the non-profit agency that coordinates on-location film, television and commercial permits in the city and county of Los Angeles and other jurisdictions, covered feature film production from last year, where the films were made, how much was spent to produce them and how many jobs they sustained during production.

After California, New York, United Kingdom, Canada and Georgia rounded out the top five filming locations. Louisiana dropped to seventh with only five films primarily made in the state last year.

“What seems clear is that while the individual rank of the top five or six production centers may fluctuate, the list of those centers is unlikely to change from year to year,” the study said.

The 22 movies made in California had combined budgets of $1.3 billion. The study found that 84 percent of that amount, or about $1.1 billion had been local in-state spending, far outpacing the next highest amount of $762 million in local United Kingdom spending for the 12 films made in that country.