The Los Angeles Planning Commission unanimously recommended on Thursday that a proposed sound stage complex in Sun Valley receive a conditional use permit and required variances from zoning rules.

Line 204, a Hollywood film production and rental company, is seeking to build 110,000 square feet of studio space and a 108,000-square-foot warehouse on a 10-acre property in the 11000 block of West Peoria Street.

The company, which already operates three soundstages in Hollywood, is seeking a conditional use permit for a 54-foot high warehouse to exceed a height limit of 30 feet and for construction of an 11-foot wall around the property that would exceed the allowable limit.

It also needs variances on the building and fence height, as well as for a large sign and reduced setbacks.

Chief Executive Alton Butler said there were neighbors who objected to the project over traffic concerns and the height of one building. But the company presented results of studies that showed no adverse traffic impacts and that the building would not impact nearby homes.

“It was a win for us,” Butler said of the commission’s recommendation.

The matter will now go to the City Council for consideration.