A six-day hold on adult film production was lifted Monday after tests concluded the performer pool had not been infected with the HIV virus.

The Free Speech Coalition, the Canoga Park trade organization for the adult industry, called off the hold and said that filming could resume immediately.

The hold was put in place Oct. 15 following a report of an exposure to HIV on an out-of-state movie set. Adult performers are generally tested every two weeks in California but in this instance a performer had off-set contact outside the state with another performer who did not follow that protocol.

“We know that production holds and moratoriums are difficult for performers and producers, but they are integral to the safety of the performer pool,” said Free Speech Coalition Chief Executive Diane Duke in a prepared statement.

In late August, the coalition put a moratorium on adult filming for two days after receiving an initial report of a performer testing positive for HIV. It was later determined following further testing that the result was a false positive.

A hold is typically for three days to investigate a report of exposure. If the performer pool has not been exposed, performers do not need be tested. A moratorium is for an indefinite period of time when there is a report of a positive on-set exposure after which all performers are asked to be tested.