A three-day hold was put on adult film production Wednesday following a report of an exposure to HIV on an out-of-state movie set.

The Free Speech Coalition, the Canoga Park trade organization for the adult industry, put the hold in place while more investigation is done with cooperation from the production company and performer, both unidentified.

The group said it was notified of an HIV exposure by a public health department in another state that it did not name.

“As with past production holds, we ask that people refrain from speculation until more news is forthcoming, and respect performer privacy,” the coalition said in a statement.

In late August, the coalition put a moratorium on adult filming for two days after receiving an initial report of a performer testing positive for HIV. It was later determined following further testing that the result was a false positive.

A hold differs from a moratorium in that is only for three days to investigate a report of exposure. If the performer pool has not been exposed, performers do not need be tested. A moratorium is for an indefinite period of time when there is a report of a positive on-set exposure after which all performers are asked to be tested.