VER, an entertainment industry equipment supply house in Glendale, has acquired Cameron-Pace Group, a Burbank joint venture that supplied 3-D cameras to “Avatar” and other James Cameron films, according to media reports on Thursday.

Cameron-Pace, co-founded by 3-D camera developer Vince Pace and Cameron, will be folded into VER to launch Cineverse, a new brand to supply cameras and lenses for film production, the Hollywood Reporter reported.

VER will rent out the camera equipment developed by Cameron-Pace except in China where Cameron-Pace is in a joint venture with two Chinese companies, the story said.

“(Cameron-Pace) still owns the technology,” Pace was quoted saying. “The day to day business will be handled by VER.”

Pace founded a camera-development company called Pace Technologies early last decade and with Cameron invented the Fusion 3-D camera system. In 2011, he and the director formed Cameron-Pace Group to continue developing 3-D equipment and bringing the format to television.

Twelve Cameron-Pace engineers will be joining Pace at VER, the story said. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.