A manager for an H&R Block office in the San Fernando Valley was arrested by IRS agents in connection with a scheme to file tax returns and fraudulently receive refunds.

Damon Charles Dubose, 38, was found in possession of identifying information of at least three people who were former clients at the tax preparation office in Van Nuys where Dubose worked, according to a release from the Los Angeles field office of the Criminal Investigation division of the IRS.

Dubose, a resident of North Hills, appeared in U.S. District Court on March 22 on charges of wire fraud. He is due to appear in court again on April 30, the release said.

The case against Dubose began in February when he was spotted loitering near the ATMs of three banks in La Canada wearing pantyhose over his face and a scarf. A patrolman stopped Dubose and a search of his vehicle found $2,960 in cash, envelopes with a name and a partial social security number handwritten on the outside, and H&R Block Emerald Cards that allow the user to access a tax refund electronically, the IRS said in the release.

A search of Dubose’s girlfriend’s home by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department resulted in finding $6,900 in cash, six H&R block Emerald Cards, and the personal identifying information of more individuals, the release said.

Three of the people whose personal information Dubose possessed were contacted by police and they indicated Dubose was not authorized to make withdrawals on their behalf or possess their personal identifying information, the release said.

Mark R. Madler