Last week North Hills-based Munchkin Inc. announced the launch of its second annual Munchkin Bunch program.

The social media initiative follows a select group of babies as they learn and grow.

The company, which designs and manufactures infant and toddler products, is currently recruiting the five subjects for its annual campaign.

Munchkin is encouraging parents to nominate their infants and toddlers for a chance to participate.

After being selected through a public voting process, the members of the Munchkin Bunch will be followed for six months via Munchkin’s Facebook. Each month, the participants will receive select Munchkin products which match their age and align with their growth to help in reaching new milestones. Products will include the Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail, safety gates and other accessories.

"At Munchkin, we are committed to providing everyday tools parents need to help their babies reach important milestones,” said Jeffrey Kaltreider, vice president, marketing at Munchkin, Inc. “The Munchkin Bunch has allowed us to really connect with some of our customers on a more personal level. We enjoy becoming a part of these families' lives."

Members will also receive $1,000 upon graduating from the Munchkin Bunch program.

Angela Melero