Woodland Hills law firm Roxborough, Pomerance, Nye & Adreani, LLP has been awarded $89.7 million in wages, interest and penalties on behalf of about 15,000 former and present security guards.

The Los Angeles County Superior Court class-action case, Augustus v. ABM Security Services, centered on the legality of requiring employees to remain “on call” during their breaks.

“Put simply, if you are on call, you are not on break. That has been the law for many years,” wrote L.A. Superior Court Judge John S. Wiley in his ruling issued on July 6.

Drew Pomerance and Michael Adreani of Roxborough Pomerance were lead counsel for the class.

“We fought hard for seven years and are very grateful that the court agreed with what we have all along believed the law to be,” Pomerance said.

Adreani concurred, “This is a message to employers to remain diligent in complying with California’s wage and hour laws.”

Darlene Ricker