Momentous Insurance Brokerage of Van Nuys is launching a new Equine Specialty Practice, providing insurance to private horse owners and those with horse-related businesses, the firm announced today.

As a Top 25 personal lines broker in the U.S., the insurance firm has a longstanding tradition of providing insurance solutions to high net worth individuals, and protecting the assets and luxury hobbies of these clients, the firm said. It has in fact already provided insurance to horse-owners and those with equine businesses. The move simply organized that business as a new dedicated business unit, the firm said.

The equine unit will be headed by Equine Practice Leader Terri Peters.

The firm will provide personal equine liability, protection for individuals who own, ride, or show horses but do not have a business related to that hobby; equine mortality coverage, which provides medical coverage for horses; commercial equine liability insurance, which is asset protection for businesses engaged in boarding, breeding, racing or training; and farm or ranch insurance, which is asset protection for horse ranch operations.

“There is a huge business and culture for this in the Valley,” said Momentous Marketing Director Michelle Boyer, “and we want to be recognized as a player in this specialty.”

The Valley is home to a number of equestrian centers, including the most well known, the Los Angeles Equestrian Center in Burbank. There are also hundreds of businesses related to riding, racing and showing horses in many other pockets of the Valley, including the Canejo Valley and Santa Clarita.

Momentous is a top 100 broker for all lines of insurance in the U.S. and wrote $180 million in premiums, said Peters.