North Hills-based toy maker, Imperial Toy, LLC was awarded Best In Play 2012 Toy Fair Award by Parenting Magazine for its hip new brand of launching guns, ZOOMA Splat X Smackshot at the Toy Industry Association’s 109th New York International Toy Fair.

Attendees of the Toy Fair were given the opportunity to test the Smackshot gun, which features a shark mouth design and launches sticky ammunition.

Also on display were several new additions to the Imperial product portfolio, including the new Clix wearable billboard clips, collectible toy game, ROXX, and Kidz Bop Glammerati toy line which partnered the toy company with successful music brand Kidz Bop.

In a prepared statement, Peter Tiger, co-president of Imperial Toy, said this year marks one of the most successful Toy Fair experiences in the company’s history.

“We are building brands, tying in new technologies, expanding our diverse portfolio, and leveraging relationships we have been developing with retailers to open new doors,” Tiger said. “It’s quite an exciting time for Imperial!”

Angela Melero