Canoga Park-based egg white processor, Eggology, Inc., is the first egg product company in the state to have Certified Humane eggs, a requirement set by Proposition 2.

Passed in 2008, Proposition 2 mandates that all chickens be raised outside of restrictive battery cages by 2015. In featuring the Certified Humane seal, consumers are assured that the product meets animal welfare standards.

In receiving its certification, Eggology has achieved compliance three years ahead of the deadline.

Receiving the seal is just one of many developments for Eggology. Last month, the company reintroduced its brand with new packaging and a more competitive price point.

In a prepared statement, Tony Dryak, chief executive of Eggology, Inc., said the company is making “major strides.”

"For us, 2012 is all about commitment to ensuring our products are produced in the most humane manner possible and brought to market in a way that both helps our retailers and delights our customers," Dryak said.

Angela Melero