Greystripe, the mobile ad company acquired earlier this year for $70 million by Westlake Village-based ValueClick Inc., said results from its new mobile advertising units known as Ad Boosters, have been impressive.

Launched in October, Ad Boosters combines social media features with local content and deals. It is aimed at making mobile advertising more relevant and valuable to Smartphone users.

One of the first campaigns to run was a large consumer electronics company that makes cameras, the company said. The campaign ran with two buttons: “Find Nearest Location” and “Watch Video.” The campaign delivered 1.4 million impressions and saw 4 percent click-through rates – meaning 56,000 users clicked on the ad. Fifty-two percent of users clicked the locator button and 48 percent clicked the video button.

“Consumers’ mass adoption of the mobile web coupled with the rise in social media makes it a no brainer that mobile ads with social components will perform better than traditional formats,” said Kurt Hawks, vice president of operations at Greystripe. “We’re finding, despite a smaller screen than a PC, Smartphones are becoming advanced enough to deliver more than a message but a true call-to-action – whether that means to find the nearest store location or participate directly in a location-based daily deal. Mobile ads are growing up and we’re excited to see consumers respond.”

The company said Ad Booster campaigns that have run to date have shown a 300 percent increase in click- through rates compared with similar-sized ad units that do not have the Ad Booster functionality.