Ontic has added the manufacture and repair of 300 aerospace components for military planes and helicopters to its Chatsworth facility following the signing of a new licensing agreement with Honeywell.

The products include electronic assemblies and microcircuits, electro-mechanical assemblies and mechanical assemblies that Honeywell had been making and servicing at eight locations in the U.S.

Ontic’s support of legacy products for Honeywell assures that their customers will be supported as long as they need the products Ontic is licensed to make, said Ontic President Peg Billson.

“Legacy electronics and avionics have been a large growth area reflected in recent Ontic licenses and acquisitions, making all of the products in this license an excellent fit,” Billson said in a prepared statement.

Ontic is subsidiary of BBA Aviation plc, an aerospace manufacturer and after market parts supplier.